I cut myself

I cut myself

I cut myself


The blade in my vein

Deeply, so deeply

And again, again, again

And again






I just wanted to feel something

feel the pain, what else?

Oh yeah, feel the pain

The blade in my vein


But don’t


I feel nothing, nothing, nothing

And more deep,

the blade is dancing…

The blade is burning inside my soul


How many times?

Why… ?

I don’t know why


Sorry, I’m liar and I’m not a good man

I know why

I’m the guy who killed yourself

Your eyes, they guilt me

I don’t belong to myself


Who cares?



It’s all right

Don’t worry

I am happy


All time



Registro de ensaio da banda SIVIE SUE MORI na madrugada de sábado (1.6.13). Imagens bacanas, som nem tanto porque a captação da câmera não “comporta” tamanha ferocidade. Mas se você não é um chato conseguirá sim ter uma ideia do que esse grupo tem a oferecer. Eu curti pacas…

Every step you gave in my direction
Grew in my heart a love like infection
And as we drove away
You healed all the scars that I hate

You burn my veins
Put my brains on fire
Owned my day
Became my desire

Easily nights goes by
Like cigarettes, like cigarettes
The clouds crying
The way I can’t forget

I was starving
Laying tired all alone
Living and breathing
Without a purpose

Everytime God close his eyes
And we saw nothing
But we called it night

Throwing stones at the sea
Watching it die, watching it die
Till you came here
And rearrange my life

Jimi Arrj – Guitar
Lugli – Guitar
Awoah – Bass
Mario Camino – Drums/Vocals